Giveaway Contest Serunding Daging by Istana Syurga. *TAMAT*

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When i was a child i knew from the start that when i grew up soon, i wanted to do something big, or something out of the ordinary. I want to have so much money with my ambition and buy all the things that i want. At the age of seven i was set on becoming a DOCTOR. At ten my interests stemmed to animals because my dad always watching Animal Planets, so i figured i just had to be a veterinarian. Doctors make all the money right? But when im in secondary school my interests change to more in accounting. I want to be an accountant. I love Mathematics i guess becasue my maths teacher know how to make us loves MATHEMATICS. Hahaha *I am sorry for my broken english* At 16, I would like to go to Vocational School, means it is more to "SKILL". I chose electrical engineering course and till now im in ELECTRICAL COURSE. Hehehehe. 

In fact , I was afraid of blood, Thats why lah dream to be a doctor tidak tercapai hahaha. When i see blood, bleeding or something "red" menyerupai darah OMG i can die hahahahaha. Ok thats all. Thankyou for spend time to read my "merepeks" entri.

Lets join this contest by click on the banner. I really like to eat serunding , especially serunding daging. Kalau dpt ni huhu mmg bahagia lah. Bismillah.


Ai' Hada said...

Nice write up and gud luck.. i love serunding too especially serunding daging.. ��

Thank you for join and please makesure to follow all the rules to win the giveaway..

Yeayh it less than a week to be end -,-

nur sabrina said...

Singgah sini ^_^

Jamil Hashim said...

singgah ramadhan

Nona Qiyah said...

Hehe...takut darahhh, memang susah ler nk jd doktor..huhu..

jom tgk nona nyee

Cik Kejupenyet said...

Singgah dari GA yang sama

Noor Najwa said...

wawa xminat nak jadi doktor tapi suka main game doktor.

Osheydavinci Yuka said...

I really like to eat serunding , especially serunding daging
cantik nya blog sis omg, jelouseee

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