River Island

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River Island, the famous fashion brand from UK, is considered as one of the most fast growing fashion retailers in the world with a record of multiple numbers of stores around the globe. Ever-changing with brilliant marketing plan to expand and evolve, River Island has been taking the fashion world by storm with its own line of River Island fashion collection.

River Island, the global fashion destination delivers the best of high-fashion street style all glammed up with flair and creative innovation. Known as a fast and energetic brand, it is considered as the leader among any other brands in the fashion world that creates new trends and exciting must-have fashion styles. For many years this amazing brand has built a very strong bond with industry insiders. Never fails to come up with the latest casual and high street wear styles, River Island is seen to be going nowhere from the top spot in every urban girl’s list.

Here in Malaysia it is considered as one of the most famous brands that are available and caters exclusive collection of menswear too. Right now it has managed to hit the market by storm with a global presence around the world with huge numbers of stores in countries around the world!
River Island makes a wide collection of clothes for urban men who are not afraid of being daring with the latest fashion styles for men. It comes up with the freshest and trendiest look for men who prefer a high-fashion street style. It even offers its own line of formal wear for men but given with a touch of edge and youth.

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